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Young Peoples Choirs

The Choirs provide opportunities to children to develop their musicality and singing experience, and offer fun and friendship.

Our choirs’ structure involves probationers, trainees and a pyramid of five choirs of various age groups and standards: Girls’ Choir, Boys’ Choir, Kinder Junior Singers, Kinder Children’s Choir (known as the Concert Choir) and Kinder Youth Choir.

All the Choirs have opportunities to perform and get involved in competitions and other activities.

Adults- Kinder Chorus

The overwhelming success of Kinder Children’s Choir led Joyce Ellis to launch an adult chorus which is just about to embark on its fourth project culminating in a concert of classical favourites at Buxton Opera House on Sunday 12th January 2020.

Many people who had never sung before joined the embryonic Kinder Chorus in 2017. People who had never been in a choir before, never sung since schooldays, did not know if they could sing, could not read music, did not know what voice they were or what their range was came along and discovered a new world.

“The Chorus is now starting its fourth project but already the friendliness and team spirit have built the group into a very strong unit where everyone is welcome. Besides non singers we have people from all sorts of musical groups – barber shop singers, karaoke singers, ballad singers, male voice choirs, all working together to create something special. By the time we all reach the performance day the adrenalin levels are through the roof and the satisfaction at the end is huge. We hope that lots of people are going to come along and dip their toes into classical singing!” said Joyce.

Join the Kinder Chorus now

It is hoped that even more people who have never thought of themselves as singers or having the confidence to do something like this will come along and have a go. The chorus also needs people who can sing to enable the people who can’t, so singers from other choirs who can attend rehearsals and lend their experience are especially welcome.

To join for another exciting season of choral singing or to join us for the first time contact us now.

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