Your child may have indicated that he/she is interested in joining one of the Kinder Children’s Choirs. Parents are often uncertain as to what this involves and, most importantly, what benefit will their child get from the choirs. All children need good quality hobbies out of school to widen their outlook and circle of friends, and to keep them out of mischief! We hope that this information will help you to make a decision to let your child give the choirs a try. WHY US?  There are benefits galore!

  • We are one of the top organisations in the country for children’s choral music
  • Education research concludes that children who engage in musical activities do better in their general education
  • Rehearsals are held at the Uniting Church, Whaley Bridge. This is more or less central to the area.  Girls rehearse on Monday evenings, and Boys on Tuesdays.  Trainees meet for 3/4hr each week.  Girls’ Choir and Boys’ Choir meet for one and a half hours each week
  • Choral singing definitely helps to develop your child’s learning abilities and self-discipline
  • Choral singing also helps to develop your child’s social skills and ability to work in a team
  • Choral singing develops mental and physical stamina.  Try standing up entertaining for a two-hour concert in a programme of various styles and language from memory!!  By the way, beginners are not expected to do this!
  • When it comes to applying for jobs or university, choral singing is highly regarded as an indication of a candidate’s commitment and reliability, as well as showing the skills already mentioned
  • Singing, be it classical, music theatre or pop is BIG BUSINESS these days.  Who knows what opportunities it can open up for your child?  KCC believes in performing programmes of all musical genres to give your child a wide musical background
  • KCC gives children with no apparent ability to sing the opportunity to find their singing voices and to take part in exciting concerts and events.  Children can go on through our training programme to perform in choral events at national and international level, on TV and radio, and other prestigious and educational occasions.
  • KCC operates as a big family.  One of the remarkable aspects of the KCC is that children from the age of 7-8 can mix and socialise with all age groups up to 18.  Older choristers are encouraged to help and mentor the youngsters.  Children are encouraged to socialise.
  • Parents get together to share transport.  If you think that you may have problems with transport there may be someone coming from the same area to help.  So let us know and we will see if we can match you up with a fellow traveller.
  • Free uniform.  Concert uniform is loaned to choir members.  The only garments for you to find are smart white school shirts/blouses, black trousers/skirts, socks/pop socks or tights, and black shoes.  We provide the choir sweatshirts, polo shirts, concert dresses and waistcoats.
  • Bursary scheme so that no child is refused for reason of cost.  Normal costs are £23 per term for trainees and £38 per term for members of the choirs.  Bursaries dealt with in confidence – by application.
  • NO AUDITION.  Your child just needs to want to sing to the best of his/her ability, and be committed to attending regularly.  After all, the general public will be listening to our performances so they have to be good!
  • Traditional values taught.

Please contact me if you would like to find out more:  Joyce Ellis (Founder Director) – Tel: 01663 746025 or email: Woodside Cottage, Quarry Road, Birch Vale, High Peak, SK22 1AE If your child loves to sing and is interested in joining a choir with other like-minded children, please complete the slip and return to the address below.

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Kinder Choirs take photographs and film of choristers at our events to use in our publicity (including our Facebook Page and website). Please help us to promote the work of the choir and attract new members by ticking this box to consent for us to photograph and film your child and use the images as described here. Once we no longer need images for publicity purposes we will delete them. You can ask to see a copy of images we hold of your child, or ask for them to be deleted.

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